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Address: No. 3, First Building, Phase 1, Plastic Market, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Factory address: Libeimen Industrial Zone, Changping Bridge, Dongguan





2017-08-22How to choose the role of plasticizers and stabilizers in pl

In the plastic injection molding process, various additives will be added to achieve the purpose of ……[more]

2017-08-22What are the appearance inspections of molded products? How

After the plastic products are molded, the products need to be visually inspected. The following wil……[more]

2017-08-22What properties should plastic mold materials have?

For plastic injection molds, the most commonly used materials are steel, but also non-ferrous metal ……[more]

2017-08-22What is the order of making plastic molds?

塑料模具的制作,需要按一定的顺序进行,制作的先后顺序影响着模具的使用效率和作用,好的制作顺序可以制造出好的塑料模具,下面将详细介绍塑料模具的制作顺序。 (9)、模具加工。以万能铣床为主体…[more]

2017-08-22The development of automobiles is inseparable from tasteless

With the improvement of our living standards, more and more people own cars, especially the number o……[more]

2017-08-22Modified plastic small science-flame retardant nylon

What is nylon? What is flame retardant nylon? Nylon is abbreviated as PA, and its scientific name is……[more]

2017-08-22Plastic exterior drives cars towards low-carbon environmenta

"The bumper of a certain brand car is actually made of plastic, which is too ridiculous!" ……[more]

2017-08-22Flame retardant PP plastic is not only used in home applianc

Many people think that flame retardant PP plastic is applied to home appliance materials. In fact, t……[more]

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